Ali in Big Sur


Originally from Asheville, North Carolina, Ali is the Collection Management Librarian at a university in Southwest Virginia and serves on the library board for the county's public library system.

Ali often gravitates towards macro photography and enjoys capturing the finer details of flowers, birds, and other smaller subjects.

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Mike In Grand Canyon


Mike grew up in the Hudson River Valley of New York State. When not on the trail, he's the Director of Rooms and Revenue Manager for a hotel and conference center at a major university in Virginia. 

Mike specializes in the big picture, looking for sweeping landscapes and summit views. As an avid hiker, the challenge of getting there is half the fun.

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Ringo In The Window


Not much of a "trail dog", Ringo holds down the fort while we are off on our adventures. No matter how long we're gone, a warm welcome always awaits our return and he ensures that we'll always want to make it home safe to see that face. 

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